Siirry suoraan sisältöön

Different forms of life stretch on in all directions. Life reaches the mosquitoes buzzing above the treetops and beyond, to the pollen hanging on the edge of outer space. Beneath the tardigrades digging in the humus, the sphere of life dives deep into the rock, to a place where bacteria and archaea live in eternal darkness. Extinct species are present as well. Their genomes slumber in the ubiquitous life, ready to adapt to the evolving circumstances. The blood of dinosaurs flows in the veins of finches.


My work deals with the encounters between human and non-human. My work is also about the layers of time and evolution. I like the esthetics of black-and-white film. I also trust the strength of evidence that film photographs have: whatever the photograph is like, blurry or out of focus, it’s a trace of what has been in front of the camera – a trace of an encounter with nature. As my photographs expose the objects only partly, the objects keep their own secrets and even as, also their own dignity.